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Divine Self-Care prepares your body, mind and soul for expansion.
Find your tribe, find your voice, and give yourself PERMISSION to live YOUR way.



You have a passion for helping people. And you’re really good at it.


You love being of service, helping and inspiring people around you. But over the years, you’ve fallen off your own priority list. I get it. I’ve been there. And there is a way out of the darkness. I can show you how to follow that inner light that leads you back to YOU.




I’m Elena Lipson, Divine Self-Care Mentor, and I’m here to help you create your dream calendar, dream life and start take deep soul-level care of yourself so you can get excited about life again.


I spent the better part of 16 years striving for success in the corporate world as a sales rep then coach and trainer, often ignoring the subtle wake up calls to slow down, and put my health first.


Along my path


But most importantly of all, I realized the vital importance of establishing a connection with myself, and cultivating divine self-care as my top priority {and business strategy}.



Today as the Divine Self-Care Mentor I continue to work hard; but I do so knowing I’ve structured everything to ensure I remain energised, have the space to live a healthy, joyful life, and my business runs with ease.





I want this to be the year YOU OWN YOUR VALUE, step into the success you deserve, and realize the life you’ve been waiting for is within your grasp right now.



Just imagine being part of a circle of women gathering to inspire and support each other, and build their businesses whilst remaining aligned to a lifestyle of self-care.


That’s what the Divine Self-Care Circle Mastermind is all about.


In this year long journey, I’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about self-care, systems and strategy so you can grow your business [if that’s what you’re working on}, take inspired action without EVER putting your needs on the backburner.




A Daily Self-Care practice that is  nourishing to your body, mind and spirit.

Imagine starting your day, EVERY day, with a feeling of purpose,
divine & inner guidance and an unshakeable sense of TRUST in yourself.









Throughout the year we will work on the 3 Key Anchors of Divine Self-Care.
The Dream Calendar, Magic Mornings and Daily Movement. These 3 are the secret sauce to learning how to integrate rest and nourishment in a way that is much deeper and more rooted in a holistic life. These anchors are the keys to true resilience, confidence and connection to yourself, those around you and divine guidance.


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1 Creating Sacred Goals


Your game-changing year starts with creating life and business goals that will change everything.  Change takes time, and whenever you’re investing your energies in building or growing something, you have to remember to pause and restore on a regular basis.  We will be:



Creating sacred goal maps for the year ahead that intertwine all your personal, family, and business desires with your all-important WHY.


Drawing up a self-care timemap for each week/month/year, putting you at the very center and blocking out time for all your sacred goals ahead of anything else.  You’ll then build your business around your life – they’ll be no more burnout or overwhelm!



2 Creating Sacred Space


It’s time to take stock of exactly where you are right now, and this month we’ll be lasering in on both your online space (namely your website) as well as your physical space.  Establishing rituals in your online and physical space creates intention-fuelled momentum.

In this module we’ll be:


  • Carrying out a thorough review of your website, concentrating on the 4 most important pages


  • Planning out everything you’ll need to do to make your website a true reflection of you, as well as a sacred space online.


  • Exploring ways to create sacred spaces in your home that embody your desires and allow you to activate abundance
  • Manifesting and introducing rituals that allow you to reconnect with your highest self


3 Divine Morning Rituals


How you show up in the world has a lot to do with how you start your day.

When you start focused, clear on who you are, and how you can be of service to others, you’ll have greater confidence, sustained energy, and open to connection.


  • We’ll craft your signature morning rituals and practices that nourish and sustain you, and help you build the resilience you need to keep showing up with integrity each and every day.


4 Tapping Into Divine Fem & Sexuality


You’re a sensual creature with a deep need to express yourself through physical and emotional connection.  When you tap into the power of your body, you create a ripple effect in all other areas of your life, and create the perfect conditions to call in prosperity and abundance.

That’s why this month we’ll:


  • Tap into the power of the Divine Feminine and looking at sexuality as the core of our abundance and power to create.


5 Mastering the Art of Infinite Time


Having enough time to activate everything you desire seems doable when you master the sacred practices of time-bending, time-stretching, and mindfulness.

That’s why in this module we’ll be:

Exploring the concept of infinite time, and creating more time and space within your calendar, so you don’t always feel like you’re at way with the clock and your day planner.



6 BeautyWay


Walking in the beauty way is about mindfully creating harmony, peace, and balance in your life, regardless of the challenges that line your path. By honoring your inner and outer expressions of beauty, you lay the foundations of self-acceptance and divine self-care.

That’s why in this module we’ll take a deep dive into The Beauty Way, considering how it’s connected to self-worth and self-love, and identifying how these concepts manifest for you.



7 Relationships

You can’t possibly be of the highest service to others if you aren’t taking care of yourself on all levels, honoring your boundaries, and asking for what you need.


We will:

Dive deep into the power of relationships, and creating strategies for clear communication that allow you to ask for exactly what you need in your life, business, and in the bedroom.



8 Intentional Pause


When was the last time you truly unplugged from technology?


The idea of being offline for an entire month may well fill you with fear.
That’s why together we’ll plan for this time to be deeply nourishing opportunity for your mind, body, and spirit to fully recharge.



9 Tapping Into Your Intuition 

You were born with an innate trust that you knew what you needed. Over time we start to listen to what we should want, not want, eat, feel…Our intuition gets dulled, but it never disappears; it just takes some practise to re-awaken your inner-guide.


We’ll explore turning to your intuition and using the tools you already have, I’ll empower you to connect with your highest-self for any answers you need.

You’ll learn how to hear the messages, interpret them, and most importantly, trust in them.



10 Creating a Circle of Support

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 11.22.08 AMYou may be strong but you don’t always have to go it alone.  In order to be the CEO of your own life, you need to have the energy support, as well as the space to manifest your dreams.

We will create a circle of support in your life and business who inspire, motivate, and encourage you to consciously play big, and go after you desires.



11 Sacred Self-Expression


As a child you followed your inspiration without question. You drew, you painted, and you sang your heart out, until one day you got knocked.  After that you negotiated self-expression carefully, allowing the World to see glimpses of the true you here and there.


We will be:

Unleashing your hidden talents and indulging in creation just for the fun of it – there’s no yardstick for achievement this month.  The only person you have to satisfy is you.



12 Revelling in the Alchemy of Gratitude


The simplicity of being able to say thank you for all that comes into your life, allows you to open yourself up and receive in ever-expanding ways.  Implementing a gratitude practice has the potential to completely transform your life.


We will be:


  • Making the space to pause, reflect, forgive, and revel in our journey, exactly as it was. Wrapping up your year with a bow, and planning for success in the next year.


Isn't for you if... 

  • You’re not at all familiar with the concept of building an online business

  • You see all the ways an idea might fail, before considering how it could succeed

  • You aren’t willing to accept responsibility for your life and how you live it

  • You tune out when discussion turns to things like tarot, angel card readings, and spirit guides

  • You’re not ready to chase your dreams, or invest financially to surround yourself with support

  • You don’t play well with others











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When will the live group calls be?

The Live Group Calls will generally be on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday or Wednesday of Each Month from 11am – 1pm PST {recordings will be posted afterwards}



How will the virtual retreats work?


The Virtual Retreats will be part structure, part play. You will receive a Self-Care box with items to bring to the virtual retreat. I will lead you in guided meditations, conversations and movement throughout the day. They will start at 10am PST and finish around 2pm PST with a mindful lunch-break.



2016 Virtual Retreat Dates:

March 12th – DONE

June 11th – DONE

Sept. 3rd – DONE

Dec. 3rd



I may show up for a few of them in a hotel room and you can do the same. OR you can create a sacred space in your own home and allow yourself to be present the entire time.


10am – 12pm PST

45-60 minute lunch break

1pm – 3pm PST

* there will be a recording for you to go back and get the juicy bits or relive it again.


When and where will the live retreat be held?


2016 Dates: November in Tulum, Mexico


I’m super busy – what if I can’t make the live calls?


There will be a recording loaded into our group space within 48 hours of each call.


I’m not based in the USA. Can I still take part?


As long as you can make it to the live calls and feel like you can participate through interaction with the other women, the circle. I’ve had women from all over the world in my mastermind groups, with a time difference that allowed us to engage through the program.


I’m enrolled! What do I do while I wait for the course to start?


You will be added to the private Facebook group upon sign-up, and I will be posting a few fun introduction challenges along the way to get things started.


I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I pay another way?


You can pay via credit card once you click on the registration link.


Still have questions?


I’ve got answers! >> Send me an email << and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.